Hydro Charger Standard

Technical Data

Lifting mechanism

Stainless steel bracket with adjustable double segment, foldable upwards using a auxiliary line.

Easy folding down during the journey, thanks to translation rollers.

Locking mechanism during the journey. Quick attachment to the mirror with a snap lock.


Sealed on both sides with 2 O-rings each

Multiple-bearing propeller shaft

Gear motor with shaft, propeller, 4 m 3-pole cable, and plug.

Power range: Charging from 4 knots (depending on the type of ship and the basic setting of the propeller pitch)

Electrical power: Depending on speed, from 50 to 500 watts (depending on battery status)

Generator dimensions: Gear motor with shaft and bracket: 110 x 10 x 30 cm, Propeller diameter: 360 mm, Weight: 18 kg


Power: 1,000W (max. hydrogenerator 600W, solar panels 400W, max. 60 vdc)

Possible batteries: 12/24 V, from 200Ah / 100Ah (automatic voltage detection)

battery voltage for charging stop: 16V/32V (adjustable)

battery voltage for load disconnection: 11V/22V

charging current: 40A (20A at 24V)

Charging loss: less than or equal to 45mA

Dimensions: 278 x 133 x 75 mm

Weight: 1.6 kg

Operating environment Temperature: -10° to 50° Celsius, relative humidity 0 to 90%

(Do not install in the locker, only in the interior!

ATTENTION: For the use with lithium-ion battery it is absolutely obliged, the installation of a breaker in the yellow AC cable, between generator and controller, which is commanded from the BMS (Battery Management System) of the battery. This installation has to be approved from the battery producer. Swi-Tec overtakes no responsibility for this installation.

IMPORTANT: Unfortunately, todays there is more and more pollution in the waters and we would like to point this out to you, we do not offer any warranty or guarantee or assume any liability for damage to the propeller and generator caused by overloading or impact, for example, by objects floating in the water such as ropes, fishing nets, plastic parts, containers, seaweed etc.!


  • Smooth operation due to a special planetary gear
  • Low generator speeds due to a small translation
  • Optimized efficiency through special translation
  • No vibrations on the propeller due to a built-in clutch, making it nearly silent in the water
  • Hard-anodized aluminium housing and cover made of special plastic
  • Streamlined anodized aluminium profile
  • All screws made of stainless steel (A4)


  • Main body manufactured in a solid synthetic material
  • Stove enamelled aluminium propeller blades.
  • Blade angle is infinitely adjustable depending on type of the boat (speed)
  • Propeller blades are replaceable (i.e. after collision)
  • Blades were designed using CFD software (Computational Fluid Dynamics) to optimize the blade form and twist for superior performance


  • Alarm function when the battery is fully charged
  • Built-in switch for freewheeling (propeller rotates freely when the maximum set battery voltage is reached)
  • Additional connection for direct consumers that automatically turn on and off with sufficient battery voltage
  • Digital display
Courbes de puissance

Set of propeller blades


Pivotable transom bracket

Axe de fixation rigideStandard bracket Support for bathing platforms
  • Set of propeller blades

3 propeller blades

Stove enamelled aluminium propeller blades

  • Pivotable transom bracket

The Hydro Charger will always be in a vertical position in the water an therefore can achieve an optimal performance.

The holes are identical to the normal transom bracket and can be retrofitted with the normal bracket.

The swing resistance is adjustable using the self-locking nut. Thereby you achieve a slowly drop of the Hydro Charger.

This bracket is specifically for the sideway fitting of the transom.

Material: Stainless Steel

Size: 260 x 70 x 30 mm

Weight: ca. 3,5 kg

  • Standard bracket

Stainless steel bracket with middle section in plastic and counter plate.

Including screws, nuts an security bolt.

Material: Stainless Steel

Size: 260 x 70 x 30 mm

Weight: 2 kg

  • Support for bathing platforms

With the solid stainless steel angle bracket, you can easily mount the Hydro Charger on almost any bathing platform.

Material: Stainless Steel

Size: 265 x 70 x 260 mm

Weight: 2,4 kg

Set of Propeller Blades

In case a propeller blade is damaged due to a possible collision, you can easily replace it with our spare part set.

The set consists of 3 aluminum propeller blades that have been powder-coated. The blades can be used for all our Hydro Charger models.

Replacement Propeller Complete

The complete replacement propeller consists of the main body made from special plastic and the aluminum propeller blades which have been powder-coated.

The pitch is fixed and adjustable depending on the type of ship (speed).

Electronic Controller

If you have a problem with the electronic controller of the water generator, you can easily replace it.

It can optimally compensate for voltage losses by adjusting up to 16/32 volts.

Generator Part without Propeller and Mechanics

To avoid repairs at the factory with high transportation costs and great effort, we now also offer the generator as a spare part, where you can choose between 2 models and 12V or 24V.

Pylon without Bracket and Propeller

To avoid repairs at the factory with high transportation costs and great effort, we now also offer the generator as a spare part, where you can choose between 2 models and 12V or 24V.

User Manual Hydro Charger


Installation Manual Hydro Charger


User Manual Hydro & Solar Hybrid Charge Controller


SWI-TEC, Neveta Nautica SL

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